General sales conditions – Program One

General sales conditions

General sales conditions


By issuing an order, the customer accepts all the terms listed below.

The order is binding on the customer while it became a commitment for WTS S.p.A only after its explicit acceptance. An order cancellation will be accepted only with a written agreement with WTS S.p.A, who refers its rights to apply the resulting charges and expenses.



The prices do not include vat taxes and may be subject to few variation without advance notification.

The goods is sold at the price in force when order was placed.



The unforeseen events such as, for example, natural disasters, riots, transport and company strikes, fires, lack of electricity, delay in the receipt of the raw materials and other unfortunate accidents can affected the delivery times already agreed.

Under no circumstances, the a.m. events can give rise to financial compensation by WTS S.p.A.

The company reserves the right to fill an order also with partial shipments.



On delivery, the buyer is required to control the ordered material. Any complains about delays or damages caused by the transport must be done to the shipping company at the time of delivery.

Every complains must be submitted in writing to WTS S.p.A within 8 days from the date of receipt of goods and will include a description and analysis of the problems occurred, together with photos, warranty and receipt/purchase invoice.



The payment have to be settled directly to WTS S.p.A, as agreed.

Failure to respect the payment terms agreed can lead to the suspension of the ongoing deliveries, even if already accepted, or to the delay of the delivery terms of the a.m. supplies.

Any complain does not authorize the suspension of payments by the customer



Until WTS S.p.A receives the payment of the total value of the products, these are exclusive property of WTS S.p.A.



The customer is responsible for providing its own tax data as per existing legislation (company, business name, headquarters, vat number). As per D.lgs. 196/20013, the personal data will be stored and processed to fulfil the legal obligation. Any other usage should be expressly authorized by the customer.



Return goods are accepted with free port deliveries and only if in advance authorized by WTS S.p.A.

Only the defected material agreed with WTS S.p.A. will be substituted free of charge without any other compensation for damage, costs or repairs.

WTS S.p.A is not responsible for damages resulting from the manipulation of its own products or from the installation of faulty material.



The supplies are governed by the Italian law. In case of dispute, only the competence of the forum of Brescia is recognized.