Urban Collection – Program One

Urban Collection

Urban Collection

Program One is MODULAR.


and, as such, even Customization:

it  is a collection that can be extremely modulated, that can allow to obtain different combinations thanks to a wide choice of ranges in handles and finishes. All this can enable the pleasure of the final result, the faucet that personalize with charisma the living ambience.



Program One is GLOBAL.


The faucets belonging to the collection capture the art of preciousness with its own glamour expression, fitting the modern trend of bathroom furnishing field. Their language of stylistic and functional innovation is oriented to the global market.





Its stylistic key concepts are addressed in an exclusive way to the professionals of architectural and interior design, primary target of this collection.





Where does Program One collections come from?


Program One itself contains passion, art, creativity, innovation and everything captivating the user in the search of the stylistic distinctiveness of his living.


This collection is inspired by the geometric circle. The shape is round, universal, simple, yet when combined with good proportional balance and creativity, perfect unto itself.


Program One is a collection designed by AF New York to create a program to communicate the global language of architecture, as it relates to all world urban areas for both residential and contract projects and the budgetary requirements of project development.


Fine art, modern technology, New York Design, and the idea of customization were key factors in creating this program.

AF-NY has been a proponent of the NY Design Movement and this program was an expression of that design philosophy that was developed in New York City for the world market.




The handles design of the urban collection have been registered and patented.