Warranty – Program One





WTS S.p.A guarantees all its products as below:


1) 2 years guarantee against casting and porosity defects.


2) Cartridge and headworks are covered by 2-years guarantee (please note that the wear of this components depends on the quality of the water and on the characteristics of the plumbing).

The warranty does not operate in case the hydraulic system and the plumbing has not been cleaned before the installation of the faucets.


3) The warranty on the finishes such as Chrome (90), Graphite (C0), Black Matt (N0) and Soft Brass (SB) is 2 years.

The guarantee does not cover the damages caused from an incorrect maintenance, such as the use of unfit cleaning products. The customer has to follow the advices for the cleaning of the products as per below.

In order to benefit the foreseen guarantee, we recommend you to keep the receipt or a document showing the purchase date.

Provided that the complain does not depends on incorrect maintenance, irregular installation or action of unauthorized person, the warranty consists in the substitution (free of charge) of the defected components that affected the correct use of the product.

A lack of compliance with these requirements lead to the immediate lifting of the warranty.

The defected items must be returned to WTS S.p.A, together with copy of the purchase receipt and a proof of the cleaning of the hydraulic system and plumbing before the installation.

The damaged items agreed with WTS S.p.A. will be returned to our company at our charges.

The current warranty excludes our liability for any lack of conformity arising from an incorrect use or installation of our products.



The warranty is not applied on the re-sold items.

In case of products re-sold to parties, only the legal warranty between WTS S.p.A and the first independent buyer will be applied.


A regularly care of your faucets will contribute to maintaining it efficient over time.

We suggest you to always carefully dry the faucets with a soft cloth or a deerskin in order to prevent lime deposit.

For the cleaning it is recommended to use a soft liquid soap diluted in warm water.Never use cleaning agents that contain any abrasives or with muriatic acid, abrasive cloths, vinegar, ammonia, acetone, bleach, household acids and various disinfectants.The a.m. products should not be used also to clean surfaces near the installed faucets.

Descaling: lime and dirt deposits in the filters can be easily removed by dismantling the aerators and immerse them in diluted vinegar. Leave the aerator to soak for few hours, wash with soap and water and then rinse.

Spare parts: we recommend you to use only original WTS S.p.A spare parts available at authorized dealers.



The usage of products not-recommended products can irretrievably damaged the faucets.

The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce updates or modification to its products at any time without notice.

NOTE: WTS S.p.A reserves the right to modify or cancel some products of the current catalogue at any time. Data, details, measure and schemes on this catalogue are only for informational purposes and are not binding. This catalogue cancels and substitutes the previous ones.